The surprise and delight make the party fun!

Have the Wire Artist make custom sculptures for your guests – a souvenir of your party, a gift from you to your guests that will make them feel special. He chats with your guests, learns about their favorite things and bends wire into a sculpture right before their eyes. One person may want the latest cartoon character, another might ask for their dog or a rose with a name, maybe a sports figurine. With 30 years of wire crafting experience you can be assured that your guests will be excited with the result – no request is too difficult.

Each sculpture takes about 5 minutes to craft. If there is a large number of guests, he can make an assortment of sculptures ahead of time for your guest to choose from and then he can then add their name to the sculpture in wire. This keeps the action moving and the wait short.

The sculptures are made from a shiny aluminum wire that will last forever.

The wire artist will travel to your party in Florida, nationwide or beyond.